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The cheapest Internet account

Published on Monday, 20 March 2006 by Luke Jarzembowski

A few years ago I started my first bank account online . The most important for me was the only one feature - it has to be cheap.

Then I had to choose only two accounts:

After calculation assumed a deeper account in mBank'u . I believe that it is still one of the cheapest bank accounts. There are no fees for account maintenance, internal transfers are free and external cost just 50 cents (once, when I assumed were also free ;-().

Inteligo is an account for people who appreciate comfort. SMS Notification and wide access to your account (Internet, phone, WAP, SMS) make them reliable, even if you do not have access to the Internet .

Currently, there are several other banks, offering access to the account via the Internet, but they are not banks typically "Internet". They have their headquarters, so their operating costs are higher and, inevitably, the cost of maintaining accounts of their customers also are higher.

Well, unless I'm wrong ... Waiting for comments ...

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7 comments to "Air Internet account"

  1. tomcuber wrote:

    Yes, Inteligo bank is no longer a purely online since entered into the structure of PKO BP and is essentially an online version SUPERKONTO (Create Superkonto and tell him that you want to have a web service in it, and give you just Inteligo).

  2. adalis wrote:

    With inteligo of SUPERKONTO this service only and this is something else than an Internet account inteligo, inteligo is Internet account and differs from services in superkoncie

  3. Shodo wrote:

    BZ WBK also has an interesting offer despite the fact that the bank is "traditional"

  4. Pool wrote:

    inteligo is to "suck" any credit - only debit. The best part is that I can not pay cash in PKO BP (Possible window in which cash the bank) as well. As the average account balance is 100 zł account is free of charge, but it is for possession of 0,99zł debit card, transfers to other banks 0,99zł
    So much for inteligo

  5. Marcy wrote:

    I have Superkonto + Inteligo ... I pay 7.40 zł per month. Nothing interesting ... and I'm looking for something similar with lower fees ...

  6. paul wrote:

    Now, after the introduction of free transfers mBank is unrivaled in my opinion.

  7. najtanszekonto wrote:

    Air travel is eKONTO bank account in mBank, it is assumed - http://najtanszekonto.pl

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